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"One Piece of Tape" is the first extended play (EP) by Kim Petras. It was released digitally on March 11th, 2011.


The EP was recorded on Germany around the time she was receiving some media attention because of her early gender transition. It was Kim's first professional body of work, and was released on Itunes and Amazon at the time. However, the EP is not considered an official work since Kim had scrapped it from her catalogue and it is no longer available for streaming or legal downloading.


No. Title Producer(s) Writer(s) Length
1. "One Piece Of Tape" André Schild Kim Petras, Alex Breuer 3:52
2. "Feel It " Sanli Alpsar Kim Petras, Guido Gronwald, Sanli Alpsar 3:57
3. "Supersonic" Guido Gronwald Kim Petras, Guido Gronwald, Sanli Alpsar 3:59
4. "Money Got Her Hot" Guido Gronwald Kim Petras, Guido Gronwald, Sanli Alpsar 3:24

Cover Photoshoot


  • Kim recorded over 20 songs for this EP.
  • The EP was released on iTunes and Amazon, but it is no longer available.
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